12 November 2013. 12:35:40

I had a Japanese meal ♡

But I forgot to take a photo… Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

Will be going back to work after brushing my teeth!!!


12 November 2013. 16:51:01

I went for a cut and colour a while back.

Fall’s colour~♪ Lalala~♪

But I feel like going for a dramatic short cut!! I’m always undecided over this issue…

Everyone, do you like long hair? Or short hair?


A short…
12 November 2013. 18:58:33

Farewell m(._.)m

I came back to Japan to celebrate little bro’s birthday, but with it successfully over…
I’m flying off again.

So straight, so straight, always misunderstood
Nobody really understands you

But you try, you try. It’s ok even if you’re uncool

I like you just that way
(from Letter.)