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Fiction? ★ ENRIQUE
23 July 2013. 15:50

This is a fictional story.
However, it is a “highly possible” story,
and after reading it, I’m sure there will be many who will agree to its authenticity.

So, it happened not a long long time ago.
In Yamataikoku, there was a princess named Ayumi, a descendent of Queen Himiko, who had a musical band.
One day, princess Ayumi visited Osaka, the city of commerce, where she made an unreasonable demand from the band.
“Let’s play our famous piece on the ancient vielle for our customers”

Nomura, the vielle player in the band, was stumped.

There was this one verse of the piece that he just could not remember.
Hour by hour, the time of the banquet drew near, but he just could not recall that verse.
If this continued, he would surely shame the princess, and punishment by crucifixion or whipping would be inevitable.

Just then, the band’s director Kobayashi appeared, and Nomura went crying to him for help.

However, the director had too much of Osaka’s fine wine the previous night, and he fell asleep hugging the vielle.
“D-director, how could you?”
An image of himself getting crucified surfaced in Nomura’s mind…

Just then, Hamasaki the percussionist strolled past, smiling after a heavy meal.
Hearing Nomura’s pleas, he stopped and picked up with vielle with interest and starting playing the “prohibited piece” with his super amateur skills.

The usually gentle Nomura grew serious and yelled, “Don’t play that, you’ll rust my vielle!”.

Miyazaki, the keyboard player, who had been watching the whole thing, spoke up.
“Aside from the keyboard, I’ve always been fascinated by the vielle, and I know all the ancient pieces too. How about playing that verse in this way?”

Slowly and with difficulty, he played out the familiar scale.

However, in that moment, Enrique the bass vielle player, who had just returned from the smoking area or the bathroom, snatched the vielle out of Miyazaki’s hands and started to play some Jimi Hendrix riffs with a smug look.
The melody, which had surfaced briefly in Nomura’s mind, disappeared once again into the fog.

“Such a waste, that’s what you’d expect from a former delinquent,” Miyazaki clucked his tongue in frustration.
Nomura decided to seek out genius keyboard player and band leader Tomonari, and left to search for him in the smoking area and bathroom.
Just then, the weeping Nomura received a message from princess Ayumi on his iPhone 6.
“I’m looking forward to tonight, No.Mu.Ra ♡”
Turning pale, Nomura’s panic level rose up to 120%.
But finally, the man appeared!
Yes, the heavenly figure of genius keyboard player Tomonari!

“Tomonari-sama, please save my life with this vielle”
“Alright, I get it. To play, I’ll just take the vielle, and BAANG, CRAACK!”

That night, during princess Ayumi’s banquet in Osaka, the stage was unusually silent as the dancers and acrobats showed off their skills.
Nobody ever heard of that band ever again.
And they all lived happily ever after.

As if.