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Autumn Make-up: Hamasaki Ayumi
ayu’s 3 fall LOOKs

As the scorching days continue on, the beauty industry has been introducing many new ranges of colours as they await fall. This month’s cover girl is Hamasaki Ayumi-san, who has welcomed her 15th Anniversary debut. Here, she reveals 3 fall looks. We heard from ayu about her views on beauty “now”.

A marathon of 15 years, and the future to come

It’s been 15 years since her striking debut. Hamasaki Ayumi-san, the forerunner of Japan’s music scene, is this month’s cover girl. Her fashion and beauty have been the recipients of numerous awards. We began this talk with ayu reflecting on the past 15 years, and how she had “never really taken a real break”.

“I’ve written about it in my lyrics when I debuted, how I felt that I had no place of belonging, and about how, if I disappeared one day, nobody would even notice. I wanted a reason for my existence, for someone to take notice, to see me. However, when I awoke one day, I felt as if everything had changed. Without me even realizing it, I had become like a monster, and I suddenly wished that nobody would notice me at all. I thought about ways to change my past, or to run away from it, but I can’t. I remembered thinking that I can’t. (laugh) It took me quite some time to reach that conclusion. Once I realized and accepted that this is a responsibility that I’ll have to carry my whole life, it became a lot easier.”

That was her answer, said with a smile, when we asked her what had changed in these 15 years. And when we asked her about what had not changed…

“I think there are lots of things which haven’t changed. For example, I don’t really think in terms of whether I love or hate something, but more of “I don’t mind it either way”. This applies to music, fashion, make-up, food, having fun, everything. And then, when we started out on the nation-wide tour this year, I did a review of almost all of my songs, and I remembered thinking that my 19 year old self, 25 year old self, 30 year old self, and even the current self are all trying to say the same thing. (laugh)”

What about Hamasaki Ayumi’s future as an individual?

“My mind this year has been filled with a normal, mindless conversation I had with a friend, about whether I should take up a certain challenge or just not do anything about it. At that time, I thought about the future, but I decided that I should just keep running on. No matter what anyone said about me, if there is a door that I’d like to open, I would just open it, because if I don’t, I won’t be me. (laugh) For music, as well as for life in general, I want to keep taking on challenges. Even if it makes others wonder what ayu is up to this time, I’ll strive on and challenge things.”

There is no doubt that the spotlight will continue shining on this pop princess and her style as she faces the difficulty of running on after completing a full circuit.


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Look 1: Girly Natural
This fall’s trend is of slight natural make-up. Early fall easily brings out tired-looking skin, so let’s create a radiant look! We got hair/make-up artist Kuroda-san to highlight some pointers of ayu’s fall make-up.

EYE: The highlight is to use a pearly eyeshadow. Outline the eyes with brown, then shade the entire eyelid with pearly beige. The eyeline is drawn right at the waterline.

CHEEK: Lightly apply a soft glowing coral orange. Pink shades give a look that’s too sweet for the season, so I’d recommend coral shades this fall.

LIP: A nude pink beige. Orange on the lips will flatten the tone of the entire face, so be sure to vary the colours!

“I think true beauty is to take proper care of one’s own body, even those parts which nobody but you can see”


ayu’s Secret Beauty 1
The secret spots that create ayu’s beauty! We got ayu to share some beauty spots which she frequents, no matter how busy her schedule!

“A place where every dish is carefully crafted by the staff, down to the oil used in the kitchen! I don’t need to worry about anything I eat here. If I have the time, I come here for every meal, that’s how much I love this place!”
SHOP DATA: 1-13-14 Kamimeguro, Meguro, Tokyo. ☎03-6455-0097. Lunch: 1130~1500. Tea 1500~1800. Dinner 1800~2300.

“When I get sunburnt or have skin problems, this place selects the right treatment for me. Aoi-sensei is the god of beauty.”
CLINIC DATA: Sakaguchi Building 5F, 5-5-13 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo. ☎03-3569-0686. 1000~1900. Closed on Thu, Sun, PH.


Look 2: Lady Rock
ayu’s fashion changes according to the music that is flowing within her. A colourful make-up with a slightly mature feel is also recommended for this fall.

EYE: This eyeshadow utilizes mauve, a fall colour, that ayu doesn’t use normally. This colour brings out an elegant, mature feel.

CHEEK: A light pink shade for the cheeks. Apply the colour high up for a classic look. Control the colours here, as the eye and lip make-up are heavy.

LIP: A red hue is fitting here, so the highlight is to use a fuchsia pink lip colour. It emphasizes femininity, and goes well with the eye make-up.

“Exercise is beneficial if it’s a habit, instead of a forced routine. It makes you anticipate the self you will become tomorrow”


ayu’s Secret Beauty 2
A secret revelation of a section of ayu’s room during this photoshoot! A look at ayu’s must-haves when she does a shoot, such as candles in the room and studio, and cosmetics featuring this fall’s colours.

“This candle is actually body oil, so it can be used once it’s melted, and it smells great too, so I recommend it. The wick is made of soy too, so it won’t release any soot.”


Look 3: Nudy Cool

EYE: Line the insides of both the upper and lower waterline with a black pencil liner. Neatly shade the area around the eyelines with a pearl black colour.

CHEEK: Since this is a cool look, shade the cheeks with a brown shade, creating a sharp line from the cheekbones to the temples.

LIP: Cover up the lip’s original colour with foundation, then apply a sheer beige lip colour for a nudy look.

“I enjoy changing fashion and make-up to fit to the music of the moment”


“Before the sparkling memories of summer lose their colours!! Take care of your body after receiving the sun, and let’s be beautiful in fall too— Ayu”