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Breathing together with Japan as she went through different circumstances and states, moving through the various chapters, becoming stronger for the final chapter, POWER of MUSIC lived.

For everyone in the troupe, and then everyone in TA, and of course for myself… It all began on that unforgettable day which no one could have predicted…

Somehow, it feels like we’ve gone on a long long journey.

Honestly speaking, at the time when I started to create this show (the same time when I said goodbye to HOTEL LOVE SONGS), I felt grief and frustration and despair that I had never ever felt before, and it plunged me into darkness. With this mood, I groped about in the dark for a while.

However, even in the darkness, I was able to continue to progress, all the way till the end. That is because I had comrades with whom to share my responsibilities and courage.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel anxiety and fear. Though some talk about it and others don’t, I’m sure everyone in the troupe felt the same way.

But when we stood on stage, every single one of them was smiling.

There may be many times when we cried as we laughed, or when we tried to hide our trembling.

But we smiled with all our mights.

We were determined to believe that the power must have transformed into hope and reached out to everyone.

As for my thoughts now…

They are on everyone who had believed in our troupe, no matter what, never giving up, believing and believing and believing till the very end.

Our troupe continued to stand on stage to send out love and hope to everyone, to Japan. But if we really think about it, we were able to stand on stage because of the support from everyone’s love and hope.

I have received so much from everyone, that I won’t be able to repay even if I sang my entire life. But let me announce here on TA that for this life, I will continue to sing for the rest of my days m(_ _)m

Once again,

To everyone who had taken part in POWER of MUSIC TOUR whichever way, thank you so much!!!!!

Troupe leader baby.

from “ayu’s DIARY” 2011/10/30 22:29



Born To Be…

I’m currently a student preparing for exams. Whenever I don’t feel like studying, or when I meet with obstacles, I always listen to this song. It’s my favourite cheer song.


My one-way love song is “GREEN”. When I felt frustration at not being able to be honest, I listened to this song and cried. And then, the song gave me a push on the back, and I successfully confessed my feelings (*^^*) I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now ♪


I always listen to this song when I go on business trips. It makes me feel like someone will surely see me putting in the effort, and that I’m not alone. ayu’s singing in this song also gives me courage, and I feel as if she’s beside me, so it’s my favourite song!

No way to say

When I was in middle school, I had a crush on a senior and listened to this song countless times everyday. I felt that I was in love by myself~.. In the end, it was a one-way love, but whenever I hear this song, I’ll recall those deep memories. I love this song (*>U<*)

Last Angel

This song reminds me of my younger self. I played a fool with my friends, enjoying ourselves and forgiving everything, but it was truly a lonely period. It’s the best song that reminds me of a nostalgic self.


☆NEXT LEVEL. I was really touched when I heard this song… There are no other words to describe this… I was really truly touched…! Noone but ayu will be able to sing this song!


I pick “HANABI”. There is someone who I can never ever forget, and when I heard this song, ayu’s voice and lyrics were so sad and sorrowful that I cried.

Virgin Road

I love this song, and sing it everyday ♪I will definitely sing this on my wedding day! I want to marry my beloved boyfriend soon! (*^o^*)


I’ve noticed that I listen to this song whenever I feel regret about the past. The past is not about regret, but it’s a proof of everything. That’s why I can write about it here. I planned to dress like ayu when she sang this song and pair my coming-of-age furisode with a miniskirt! But my parents got angry at me for that… (laugh)


☆monochrome☆ There was this person I had a crush on when I was in middle school, so I really identified with the lyrics in Verse 2 (>_<) The whole song is refreshing and I love it ☆☆☆☆

A Song for XX

“I didn’t belong, I couldn’t find somewhere to belong. I didn’t know if I should anticipate the future.” This song reminds me of my younger self. I couldn’t see a future for myself then, and was anxious. However, now I understand the importance of “living strong now instead of worrying about the future”.


I listen to BLUE BIRD regardless of whether I’m sad or happy (* w *) I can’t live without this song!! One of my dreams is to visit the island in the PV, and play BLUE BIRD at max volume there (^ ^) It’ll surely come true one day ★

Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~
Tanie Mari-san

My favourite song is “Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~”. When I had my first boyfriend, when I had my first long-distance relationship, whenever I had a “first”… No matter how long the path we take, we just need to have mutual understanding. That’s what this song taught me.


I met this song during the period when I couldn’t find a job, was having problems with my boyfriend, and was in bad health overall. I was in despair, but received hope from this song. This song will forever be the theme between ayu-chan and TA.


This song was first revealed by ayu during a live. It was somehow nostalgic and sad, and before I knew it, I was crying. When I close my eyes, I will always see the image of ayu singing this song.


When I was in middle school, this was a song in the first Ayu album I bought. When I first heard it, I found it to be a fun song. It made all my worries disappear. Now, I must always sing this song during karaoke sessions.


Message from ayu

NEW ALBUM “Party Queen”: Will it grow within everyone? I’ll be glad if this album can help everyone to find their own Party Queen, and that it will continue to live deeply and prominently in everyone’s hearts– And then!! I’m so looking forward to meeting with TA power throughout Japan during the HOTEL Love songs TOUR!!