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Princess Yoko ☆
29 July 2012. 11:30

Hello, everyone~!

This is Princess Yoko, a chorus singer for the hotel!

Did everyone enjoy themselves during Day 1 at the Shizuoka Ecopa Arena?

Talking about Shizuoka…
It’s definitely about



This was taken during New Year’s this year, at my hometown Fujinomiya City in Shizuoka.

And today, I’d like to introduce the new chorus team, a power up since this year~ (^o^)/

A shot in this year’s tour T-shirt ☆

From the right, we have new chorus member Micchii, always fashionable.
Then Timmy, one of the special composers from our hotel!

Chorus member Kawamura-san, who has been obsessed with the PS-vital game recently.

And then, the leader, myself.

And then, and then!
These are the two who always help us to put on beautiful make-up.

Nagai-san (left), who does our hair and make-up
And Naka-san (right), who does the band member and dancers!

We’ll continue to work hard to deliver the very best powered-up harmony, so everyone, please support us~ (*^o^*)

And that was chorus Princess Yoko ☆

Everyone, please enjoy Day 2 as well~ ♪