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HOTEL Love songs Shizuoka Branch Day 1!!!
29 July 2012. 11:50

As the scorching sun rays, hot enough to burn our skins, shone down as if it’s the height of summer!, the HOTEL Love songs Shizuoka branch opened in Shizuoka Ecopa Arena yesterday!

Tension ran high during the live, making it a steamy show where everyone’s heat overpowered even the heat from outside (^O^)/

So, let us present some commemorative photos of the sparkling smiles of everyone who stayed over on this summerish Day 1 at the Shizuoka branch!!!

Nacchan the Sun (in charge of the DEICA demonstration booth ☆) always surrounded by lots of smiles ☆(^_-)

Thank you so much to all who cooperated with our phototaking and showed us your wonderful smiles!

And then, today is Day 2 at the Shizuoka branch!

Summer may be short, but the HOTEL troupe will not hold back, so as to create the best summer memories with everyone today. We sincerely await your arrival.