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27 June 2012. 13:27:56

Thank you to everyone from Nishinoke who came to play at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo 

Everyone in Tokyo was so excited and enthusiastic, it was really interesting  
The Family Meeting was full of interesting questions too  Nishinoke is really the best 
Everyone’s words made me laugh so much, and everyone’s smiles healed me. I was touched by everyone’s voices, singing a song for me..

I felt so much love from everyone, both on Day 1 at Tokyo, and on the finale 
I was so happy  Thank you 

And so, let me introduce Tokyo’s Family on Day 1 

Firstly, Seventh Brother 

Then, Seventh Sister 

And the Tokyo Family who came to take part in Tokyo’s finale 

Firstly, Team Grandpa 

Then, Team Grandma 

Everyone, thank you so much 

And to all my family and cool dancers who toured the country together with me,
as well as DJ Mass, all the staff, and Maako-san, the chairman of this Family Meeting,
thank you all so much  

Thanks to all my family around the nation, the first ever Nishinoke party was a huge success 
Nishinoke is the best  

Let’s meet again in the arena