From 1~9 Jan, just access “7SPOT” at any 7/11 and Itoyokado within Tokyo, or Seibu’s Ikebukuro or Shibuya branches, and you’ll be able to download a digital New Year’s Card from ayupan onto your iPhone, Android or PC.
Let’s start a great year with a digital New Year’s Card!

▼Sample Image

There will be 4 different designs of ayupan digital New Year’s Cards, 2 limited to smart phones and 2 limited to PCs/tablets ♪

*”7SPOT” is a public wireless LAN service free for use in any 7&i Group stores. Each access period is limited to 60 minutes, and up to 3 access periods are permitted per day.
*The service will be available throughout Tokyo, though some regions may not be able to acquire reception.
*Note that some smart phones may not be able to access 7SPOT.

▼How to use 7SPOT + Participating Outlets

▼Phone Enquiries
7SPOT Campaign Office: 0120-766338 (24 Hours)