Posted on 2017-10-17 00:20:17

Every day recently feels as cold as December,
is everyone doing ok~?
I feel quite hot. Is it because I’m wearing too many layers? But I’m just excited for winter! Because I can dress fashionably 🙆💜

Winter may be cold, but it makes me want to see the sunrise ♡ (lolol)
Oh, this was a sunrise from recently!!!!!!
Taken in the morning when I went to Kuji City!

Isn’t winter great? 💜

Recently, I’ve gotten into watching DVDs again!
I’ve spent numerous days watching
“According to Greta”.
I really love Hilary Duff-san!
I fell in love with her in “A Cinderella Story” 💜

I wanna be fashionable like the women
in “The Devil Wears Prada”~!

And then,
watching “How to Be Single”
just makes me want to enjoy life!

Watching DVDs
makes me want to meet with various new kinds of people, go to different places, and experience lots of things!
Anyway, I just wanna enjoy every day 😊💜