Posted on 2017-10-07 00:27:17

Today was so cold too~ ((´д`))
I’m taking care of my health,
so everyone, keep your bodies warm too ⚠︎

Well well!
The trailer for album “Kokoro no oto”, to be released 11 Oct,
has been revealed at 6 p.m. today!!

Has everyone watched it yet? (?Θ?)
It contains footage from Yokohama and Oita too,
so everyone, please watch it! (*ゝωб)

Of course, I’ll be looking forward to reading your thoughts and comments~ (*ˊ˘ˋ*)

Ariyasu Momoka’s official concert
pamphlet “Kokoro note”
will of course be sold at the concert venues, but
you can also buy it from certain HMV stores
from 13 October!

I introduced the Sendai show goods during LINE LIVE today,
so I’ll do it here too~ ♪

Ah~ It’s only 1 week away now~
I’m nervous ∑(✘△✘๑ )
What should I do? I’m working hard, so everyone, do support me (.. )♡

So, let’s get into it.
Let me introduce the goods to be sold at
Kokoro no senritsu ~feel a heartbeart~Vol.1.3
held on 13 Oct at Sendai Sun Plaza Hall ♪

1. Sendai’s memorial half T-shirt (S/M/L/XL)

2. Muffler towel (Kokoro no senritsu ~feel a heartbeart~Vol.1.3)

3. Momoka hidden parka (Normal/BIG)

4. Momo(ka)ori aroma candle (Lavender)

5. Connected HEART ring (Mens, Ladies)

6. Four-leaved clover by Ariyasu Momoka
~I wanna bloom!! Let’s grow together~

7. Sendai’s “Chiisana yuuki” crystal orgel
8. Ariyasu solo concert “Kokoro no senritsu” Sendai & Budoukan shows Gacha-gacha

Similar to Tokyo, Nagoya, & Osaka’s 1.0,
Sendai’s 1.3 and Budoukan’s 1.5
is totally different in terms of band members, arrangements, set lists, and everything~ 
\(* ¨̮ *)/
Sendai and Budoukan will have different setlists each! ♪

Growing through 1.0, 1.3, then 1.5,
I’ll continue to work hard so I can power up~!!
Look forward to that (・ω<)-♪

The 2nd general lottery application for Budoukan will be open until 23:59 on 9 Oct!
This time, in order to get closer to everyone
and sing while surrounded by everyone,
so that lots of people can come to the venue
and hear me sing,
I've prepared lots of seating… _(._.)_

Today too, I've stared at the venue blueprints,
working hard to create the best environment for the video and acoustics.
In order to give everyone present a satisfying show,
Ariyasu Momoka will give her all,
so everyone, please come to the Budoukan~~ (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Today’s homework is, of course,
.. #ココロノオト (Kokoro no oto)
 (Chiisana yuuki)
#ココロノオト (Kokoro no oto)

I look forward to reading everyone’s comments tonight~ (。>ω<。)

I've prepared a surprise too~!
Wait for it (*´╰╯`๓)♬*゜