Posted on 2017-10-04 09:34:54

I visited Iwate’s Kuji City together with Kanako-chan 😊
It was my very first time 💙 there!!!!!!
First, we went to greet the mayor!

Everyone at the city office gave us a wonderful welcome, and all the locals were so warm and friendly 🌈💙💙💙
They served us with lots of delicious food 💓
and told us lots about the local specialities!

Then, we got to interact with the elementary school kids 💁
We played games with the entire school population…
They were all such honest and good kids, and all the levels got so excited with us 😭💜
We had so much fun!
It made me so happy!!!!!!

I fell in love with the bright, energetic, and super warm Kuji City!
Next month,
all 5 Momoclo members will host a concert here for the Seishun Tour. Just the thought of it makes me excited!

Everyone in Kuji City, thanks so much!
See you next month~ 😻💙