Posted on 2015-04-03 23:10:22

Arrived in Fukuoka! 🙌

Tonight’s dinner will be motsunabe (^ω^)

Full of soft collagen, tomorrow’s Aarin will be even more bouncy than usual ❤❤

So so so!!!

Everyone has been waiting…right? (。-∀-)

Aarin’s Quick Japan will finally go on pre-sale at Dontaku! 😌😌


Aarin hasn’t seen the finished product yet, but she’s really looking forward to it ←

She’s probably just as excited as everyone else. (laugh)

Hmm, everyone is excited, right?

She’s getting worried here. (laugh)

It’ll be a special huge edition this time, so she got to make 2 books 😍😍😍😍😍

The Sasaki Ayaka edition and the Aarin edition!

Both will go on sale together (>_<)❤
How embarrassinggggggggg, but so happy!

So very happy!!

Besides, it’s a special edition, will Aarin be ok?

As for the locations, she got to visit France and London (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Kyaaa! ❤❤

Alone in France…///

Alone in England…///

It was so much fun (`・ω・´)

Sasaki Ayaka

Both are who I am right now.

I want everyone to know more about me, and to love me more.

I did the photoshoots and interviews with all my heart.

So please read either one of the editions.

As for Aarin,

she recommends reading Aarin edition, then Sasaki Ayaka edition,

then Aarin edition one more time!!! (laugh)

It’ll be sold in bookstores from 10 April 📕

So everyone unable to come to Dontaku, look forward to that ❤❤

She’ll slowly upload the photos from France and London!

So, see you tomorrow! 🙌

It’s the Hard Rook CAFE in front of Yahuoku! Dome (*¨*)

Sasaki Ayaka