Posted on 2015-03-29 19:57:50

I’ve been neglecting the blog for awhile de-ariyasu (*・Θ・*)

But yesterday, we did the live recording for Momoclo-chan

At night, we did a live performance on Sada Masashi’s wonderful TV show “NamaSada”, which we appeared on last year too (Oh! ☆ Aarin joined us this year so all 5 of us were there (*>∀<*))

And MomoKanako did a Ustream to our heart’s desires recently too (it’s archived ♪)

As well as Kawakami-san’s Logirl (it’s archived ♪)

Then there were Dontaku rehearsals, and I get the chance to meet everyone every now and then, which makes me secretly happy~ (*^^*)

And yesterday, the highly-anticipated complete footage of the nationwide pilgrimage was finally aired on Sky Park (*^Θ^*)

I was really looking forward to it, and though I got home late, I watched it all before I went to bed ♪

The different styles of each team were really interesting (*>∀<*)

We were totally in character~ (laugh)

And then, my in-charge, Sugimoto D-san ☆

Well~ Sorry for praising my own team, but he was really lovely (* *)

Thinking it over, working with it, it feels that he had spent a colossal amount of time to create the programme, and I just felt so happy ♪ and so touched (*’-’).:*:゜☆

For a moment, I felt like we were appearing on ○○ Tairitsu (laugh)

There were many tear-jerking scenes which were shown, but with that editing, he just wants me to cry again…

Oi, Sugimoto~ (`・Θ・´)

Just joking (lol)
Thank you so much, Sugimoto-san (*^^*)
I’m really grateful de-ariyasu (*`・Θ・´*)

Oh, this photo was given to me by Sugimoto-san… It’s a mosaic piece made from all the photos I’ve taken during the pilgrimage (* *)
Isn’t it amazing? ☆(*T T*)

And I’m glad that everyone got to see the cuteness of SugoudeP’s Moriya-san~ (^m^)

I was with a really great team, and I got to see the greatness of the other teams as well. I’m just really happy that the long-yet-short nationwide pilgrimage took place, and is now being preserved as a programme de-ariyasu (*T T*)

The memories made with the Mononofu-san who participated and the local staff will be deeply carved into my heart .:*:゜☆

To those who didn’t get to watch Sky Park, I hope you’ll get to see it somewhere ♪

Anyway, what I can do now ☆

Is to slowly upload all the photos of the nationwide pilgrimage I promised to upload from now on——— (*・Θ-*)

All the photos I took of everyone were shown during yesterday’s programme, so I’ll be uploading photos that Sugimoto D-san took of everyone and me ♪

So! Tracing back…

13 Feb’s Nagoya and Umeda ☆

I hope to continue like this, with blog entries with less essays and bursting with photos…

So everyone~ Please check back (*・Θ-*)