Posted on 2015-03-21 23:43:22

is the Recovery Festival at Onnagawa!!!

Looking forward to it—

While wondering if tomorrow would be a warm day
Aarin picked her outfit! ❤❤

This morning, she discussed it with Mama,
and though we concluded that it’ll be a little warm to wear it

Aarin finally chose to wear this hot pink short coat
that is the most outstanding and her favorite
item in her whole closet 😍

Because Onnagawa and colors go well together! ♪

Because it’s the Recovery Festival!

Let’s be colorful—! 🙌

Just how are the event staff and everyone in Onnagawa feeling
as they prepare for tomorrow?
Are they looking forward to it as well…?

It’s a precious festival
for us
as well as the Mononofu!!

So we need to make it enjoyable and grand and a success (`・ω・´)

To all the Mononofu who will be gathered at the venue!
Please support us~ ( •∀•)/

And so!
See you tomorrow~ 🙌

Sasaki Ayaka