Posted on 2015-03-17 10:29:02

Argh—… Time flies, and I’m already twenty—

Finale of the 127-location meet-and-greet ☆

Together with this precious birthday… ^^;

Honestly, these few years
my birthday has always somehow met with amazing times

And I manage to receive congratulations from so many people each year

It’s just too much happiness to stomach
This is alright, isn’t it~ ^^;

I’m really happy, but at the same time surprised de-ariyasu (* *)

Yep. I’m really too blessed… ☆

And then, I received lots of congratulatory comments too

And Google-yasu
also watched all the artworks and videos made by everyone ♪

Thank you for doing this every year (*T T*)

After receiving the love from so many people,

I’m ready to take the first step of my 20s!!!

20s, there will probably be lots more
things which will happen from now on
(Oh! Lots of things happened when I was a teen, too ^^;)

Having met with everyone,
I’m sure I will be stronger than how I was in my teens,
so I’ll be able to lead a more fulfilling life… ☆

I’ll listen to lots of great music
Watch lots of great movies and fine arts

Meet lots of new people

Polish up my sensibility more

And also, grow a little stronger

Do lots of things a person in their 20s would do
(Oh! I’ll need to read some books too ← I should have done more of this as a teen…)

Ahh— There’s just so much to do,
it’s making me excited (*’-’).:*:゜☆

And then, I’ll be glad
if I can cry and smile with everyone over lots of things (*^^*)

That’s right!!
Most importantly, I need to become a more tolerant person ^^;

Because I’m the tiny giant!!
So I can’t be a tiny-minded person— (laugh)

…Having written about this and that,
this post has stretched on for so long again, as usual
(Too late to realize that…)

I’ll try harder from here on ^^;

So, now
I’ll talk about the meet-and-greet finale ☆

To everyone who came to see us,
and everyone who came from afar, and everyone who watched the LV
Thank you (*^^*)

But wow, I thought this was the finale,
but it seems like we’ll be doing another session on 11 April (* *)

We’ll be heading out to the wonderful cinema that will be showing “Maku ga Agaru” for the very last time,
and hosting a meet-and-greet with everyone there ♪

But despite there being another “last one”, we treated this session as the last as well ^^;

Anyway, I just felt that
after hosting meet-and-greets alone for a few days,
and now that all the members are gathered together

I still feel the most comfortable standing on the right side~ ^^;

Being alone meant I could do so many things,
but being together as a group of 3 or 5 of us just calms me down and makes me feel less anxious… ☆

As for my birthday,
the members and staff celebrated it for me this year too
I was just so happy (*^^*)

Even during the meet-and-greets,
everyone at the various venues
sang birthday songs for me
and sent me their congratulations.
I also blew out so many candles (laugh)

I was really cho happy (*・Θ・*)
No… I meant, so happy (*`・Θ・´*)

I need to stop acting cute (lolol)

Oh! The movie will continue to be aired,
so those who have yet to watch it,
please do go to see it if you have the time (*・Θ-*)

Even those who’ve watched it once already!!

As my Mama said,
watching it the 2nd and 3rd time
allows you to catch all those tiny details which you might have missed the first time,
and that makes you feel warm inside ☆

Yes yes, and it’ll be linked to the theatre show ☆

So please do!!!!

And then~
It’s a little sad that we’ll be parting with the group
who had toured around with us during the meet-and-greets

But I’m sure we’ll get to work together again soon ☆

Besides, everyone will soon get to watch
the making-of videos we created together ♪

Oh! I also plan to update the blog slowly
with all the photos I’ve taken (*・Θ-*)

To aid those who came to the meet-and-greets recall those memories

And to let those who didn’t manage to come
feel just a little of the warmth we felt then

I hope everyone will enjoy seeing the photos (*’-’*)

And just like this…
I think I’ve gone on too long again ^^;

Lastly ♪

Here’s a photo taken when my family
went out to celebrate with a meal… ☆

Congrats ☆ on turning twenty
In celebration, for the first time in my life
I drank a really mild cocktail (*・Θ・*)

I knew it was mild,
but it was still a little scary…
So I took only 3 sips in the end ^^;

I had a great night with my family (*^^*)


Misa’s notes:
1. Google-yasu is a nickname Momoka gave to herself, since she likes to Google stuff on the Internet.