Posted on 2015-02-25 15:28:30

Yesterday was my pilgrimage to Saitama ☆
It was really so awesome— (* Θ *)

In truth, whenever we travel as Momoclo,
no matter where we go in the country,
we’ll always meet with touching scenes, but

Yesterday was a day absolutely packed with such scenes ♪

I feel that the excitement hasn’t cooled off yet de-ariyasu (*’-’*)

Momoka disembarked at Kasukabe
so I’ll call it MomoKasukabe ♡

Thanks to all the people
who gathered and waited for me since morning— ♪

I was really so glad
to be able to meet with everyone de-ariyasu (*>∀<*)

Next stop was Uwara Misono ☆

This was where
the 6 of us held an event long ago,
to promote Pinky Jones, our second major debut single ♪

When I went to HMV,
I saw that the autograph I left at that time was still there ☆ So touched! (* *)

So~ I wanted to leave another mark to show that I was here,
so I left a new one (^m^)

Next time, we’ll come together as 5,
and I’ll surely get the other members to complete the collage
by adding their autographs in too (*^^*)

And then!
The staff working at this cinema
seems to be long-time Momonofu too ♡

The backstage room was dyed with my color,
from My Melody-chan to fragrances.
I was so happy de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

At the venue’s lobby,
I also had a coincidental meet up with a girl
who always came to support me when I first joined Momoclo.
I was so touched to learn that she’s still supporting me (*T T*)

Many touching things usually happen when we’re performing on stage and such,
but happenings like this make me really happy too~ (*’-’*)

Like being able to meet everyone at the venue

And to have such reunions

Isn’t it all so wonderful~?
That was my thought of the day .:*:゜☆

And then, the third location was Ooi!!!

This place is really near to where I used to live (from when I was 3~10 years old) ☆

The city and its surroundings were all so nostalgic

Before the meet-and-greet session,
I went for a short walk to visit Fujimino Elementary, my alma mater,
and the area where I used to live

It seemed as if nothing had changed
And my tears just flowed de-ariyasu (*T T*)

I wandered around the schoolyard
Took photos at the school gate

Though it was unfortunate that my teachers were no longer teaching there, so I couldn’t meet them

Everything was so nostalgic that I just cried!!!

And then!
There’s a cake shop on the first floor of the apartments I used to live in.
Even that has not changed at all,
and the cakes looked just like how I remembered them

It made me so happy,
I ended up buying one of the strawberry tarts I used to love
and ate it with many smiles ♡

The road I used to take to school (it’s really just a super short distance lol)
The road to the train station
The park where I used to play with friends
The eateries I used to frequent

Every single thing seemed like it hadn’t changed at all…
(Oh, there were things that had changed too, of course ^^;)

And it’s all so nearby too, I can make the trip down anytime I want
So maybe next time we’ll come here for a family vacation~ (*^^*)

I didn’t get to visit her this time,
but I hope to go visit my ex dance teacher too ♪(*’-’*)

And so,
that was my meet-and-greet in nostalgic Saitama ☆

I got a little too emotional

But as we get to travel to more places,
we’ll slowly cover more and more regions ♪

And that means,
the number of places where we can happily say
“I’m back~” when we revisit them again will increase too (*’-’*)

Yep!! That’s why this national pilgrimage is so amazing! ☆

Oh! That’s right.
I’ve been taking photos of the Mononofu with my fisheye lens camera,
and if I can find the chance sometime,
I definitely want to show them off to everyone
(plus the photos with me inside)
So everyone~ Please wait for that— (*・Θ-*)

And so, tonight is finally
the show for Sky Park’s Music Festival!!!

Wow~ My heart is racing…
Dear God!!
Please let everyone have a good time tonight… ☆