Posted on 2014-09-20 00:46:03

Yesterday, on Sky Park’s Fuji NXET,
we had Sakazaki Kounosuke’s Momoiro Folk Village ♪

Beginning and ending with songs,
the programme was truly a heartening coming together of music (*^Θ^*)

…Well, that’s what it’s supposed to be, but
aside from that
I was just so nervous (><)

It’s just like a normal music programme, but
my heart was in my mouth the entire time (+ +;)

But Sakazaki-san was so kind, it made me feel so much better

Takabe-san, Tooyama-san and Katou Izumi-san from that music show were with us too
to provide moral support

So we somehow managed to pull through to the end!!!

To everyone who sent in postcards and e-mails ♪
And everyone who subscribed to Sky Park to watch the show
Thanks so much (*^Θ^*)

In response to everyone’s requests,
we managed to cover lots of favourites
as well as solos (I did Nagori yuki, Hikouki kumo and Jidai ♪),
and also challenged the guitar

It was really such a high hurdle, but…

I felt that it was such a useful and effective programme

To take up a challenge with regards to my favourite activities in a programme like this,
and to share it with all the viewers
just made me so happy
and grateful…

Is once a month a good pace??
Well, it just makes me look forward so much to the next time
I’m just so glad de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

I recorded the programme on TV
and watched it while reflecting alone on lots of stuff

I wonder if I will be more mature
at this time next year~?
The programme made me think about this,
and I’m determined to work even harder ☆

Hopefully, I’ll be more at ease the next session and less nervous,
so I can truly relax
and really take up the challenge of hosting the programme de-ariyasu (*`・Θ・´*)

To those who couldn’t get into Sky Park to watch the show,
I’ll come here again to report— (*・Θ-*)

To the subscribers, a replay will be broadcast tomorrow from 16:55~ onwards,
so please watch it if you can— ♪

About the song by Nishikawa-san last entry,
Sorry for making mistakes all the time (・Θ・;;)