Posted on 2014-06-29 22:32:52

Let’s start from the beginning…

Momoclo did our first midnight live broadcast with all members present ☆
Thank you-
to everyone who tuned in to All Night Nippon (*^Θ^*)

I was initially quite fearful of how it would turn out
since it was just us on the programme, with nobody else,
but everything turned out well, so that’s a relief de-ariyasu (≧Θ≦)

We made merry, and the mood was a little nervous but relaxed
So it was super fun! ♪

Wow~ I really respect all the radio personalities
who have to do this every week~ (’Θ ’).:*:゜☆

You guys have my total respect!!!

Ah! That’s right-
The tearful reunion with the girl who used to come to the house
just felt like a fated meeting~ ☆

And then and then,
the members split up during the weekend and went all over the country
to take part in variety programmes to promote Momokuri DVD (*・Θ-*)

Reni and I went to
Osaka → Kyoto

And then~
All 5 members met up at Nagano ☆

To all the Mononofu who came to see us ♪
And all the fellow performers and staff who welcomed us so warmly
Thank you (*^^*)

When the members split up,
Momoclo as a whole gets to meet up with more people ☆

Meeting up with so many people
and seeing the best smiles of the Mononofu
just made me so happy de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

To all the Mononofu who managed to meet up with us~
And all the Mononofu who missed out on the meeting due to time constraints
Thank you all so much- (*^^*)

To everyone in the areas that we didn’t visit,
don’t worry, because
you never know when Momoclo will just appear in your city! ☆

So be prepared and wait for us— (≧▽≦) (laugh)

Here are some photos
that we took with the Mononofu at the various locations- ♪

The other members have probably put up similar photos on their blogs,
but I want to post them too, for commemorative purposes ☆

Forgive me for the repeat photos- (*・Θ-*)

So! Tomorrow,
we’ll get to meet lots of girls
at the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon “Tsukino Usagi Birthday Party” in Special ViVi Night,
so to everyone who’s going, look forward to meeting us- (*^O^*)

Today’s BGM ♪ The slightly mellow
Ishizaki Huwie-san’s “Nakimushi hatch”
Monkey Majik-san’s “Tada, arigatou”