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*Ikemen: Hunk


24 July 2013. 19:00

HEY BOYZ & GIRLZ. It’s Timmy!!!!!

OSAKA was really hot, wasn’t it!

I got to eat grilled meat! & received OMOSHIROI KOIBITO too!

Met up with lots of FANS, it was so fun! Japanese fans, Chinese fans! And many more!

I’ve been wanting to do an A-STAFF IKEMENZU RANKING on this BLOG! So everyone, please read on!!

I got some cute ones, and some cool ones. LUCKY….. hehehehehehe

1. Sou-san. He’s slimmed down recently, so he’s my TYPE now! But he doesn’t look happy-

2. Acchan. Acchan is really small, I like it! But he’s already a DADDY! Can’t tell, right?… Can I be the MAMA?? hahahahah

3. Hiroshi. He’s really cool during work, but in PRIVATE, he can get really HIGH, and really loud! And he’s too tan. But his SMILE is great! And his abs are SEXY too…

4. Konbini. I forgot his REAL NAME… But konbini sounds nice! He’s the one who does the COUNTDOWN during A-YU READY before the encore. Plus he’s always so selfless. hehe

5. Kanamaru. He can dismantle the STAGE so quickly, it’s amazing! But it’s not bad! He gave me lots of SMILES last year… But not this year. (Tsundere?)

6. Yuki. He always gets TICKETS for me. Kind and cute. I wanna marry him.

Everyone, have you seen them around? Next time, please say HELLO if you do!
Alright, let’s all work hard for YOYOGI!
BYEBYE xxxxxxxx

A-CHORUS ☆ Timmy