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Osaka Jou Hall ☆ Day 4!!! ~Location Finale Show~
22 July 2013. 23:15

ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~, the nationwide arena tour commemorating this 15th Anniversary memorial year, welcomed its location finale at Osaka Jou Hall on 21st July!!!

The location finale ended with the same passionate heat continued non-stop from the previous day!

The entire venue, dyed pink, was packed to the brim, even at the standing seats. And when ayu appeared on stage, the mood just rocketed up (~▽~@)♪♪♪

With each passing song, the audience’s excitement heated up and up ☆

It was the most exciting night! (≧∇≦)

And so, with a DODO-N, here are the commemorative photos of everyone who took part in Day 4 ☆ at Osaka Jou Hall, the best and hottest location finale (^-^)/

These fans won the ★15th Anniversary COLLECTION PRIZE at the “A BEST SLOT” special game!! Limited to TeamAyu members at the venue!
Congrats! ( ^-^)ノ☆゜’・:*☆

Thank you to everyone for cooperating with our photographers despite the strong sunlight and heat!

Next, we’ll finally be welcoming our tour finale at our sacred ground, Yoyogi!!!

There’s a small feeling of sadness (´・ω・`)


Let’s enjoy ourselves to the max, get really high, and create the best summer memories ♪\(^o^)/