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26 May 2013. 12:25

This is miccie (^▽★)v
The very first Aomori show ☆ in Hamasaki Ayumi’s 15 years!! And for the first! We were really looking forward to seeing everyone ☆

And all you Aomori people!!
The cheers were totally awesome right from the very start!!!
And then, the moment we saw all your sparkling smiles, we truly understood what we had been looking for this whole time!
Thank you all so much!

And so…
This is sudden, but let’s have a quiz!

Here are all the girl dancers ☆

*Caption: Who~are they??

Can you tell who’s who?
If you can guess all of them correctly just from their backs, you’re a true A-MASTER! (^▽^)
We’ll announce the answers later.. ♪
By the way, this cute matching parka that they’re all wearing is the 15th Anniversary tour goods parka ♪

And so ☆
Let’s dye the venue pink for Day 2 at Aomori and become one-!!
Here’s 2-YAN-san, SUBARU-san and KAZUMA-san after rehearsals ♪

Everyone, let’s have a safe day- ☆