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23 July 2012. 02:20

Thank you so much to all who stayed over at
OSK HOTEL love songs

Also, thank you truly to everyone from all over the world, who could not come for the show but still sent us your messages and power~!

This is hotel staff KO, who is in-charge of the Super suite room on the 101st floor (lol)
You Kansai folks really get into the mood!!
Really makes me wonder why and how you manage to do it (lol)
During the LIVE, you really played catch so well,
I just got so excited~!! So excited~!!!!!
It was really really great! (lol)

Thank you so much
So, everyone, I’ll be typing a long letter from now on, so get the BGM ready! (laugh)
Please read it while listening to your favorite song~!

During the HOTEL show on Saturday, the princess (general manager) performed that summer ballad as the first song for encore
Listening to everyone’s cheers when the first chords of the song played, then the princess’ voice, I got really really really carried away… (keep this a secret lol)
Lots of things ran through my mind

I joined this troupe a year ago
In this one year, I made so so many memories
I spent lots of awesome times with everyone in the troupe, laughing and crying
But it wasn’t just all fun and laughter, there were painful times too
Times when I felt like bursting
However, during those times, my comrades were beside me, the seniors helped me out, the staff protected me
Now, I recall those times and memories which cannot be put into words

That’s why, to be able to put up such an amazing LIVE now…
LIVEs are living things. It needs to be alive, so we always try to make it FRESH, and go all out
And because everyone is serious about it, we take that seriousness and make sure no two LIVEs are the same!

And the staff who support this wonderful show are truly the best!
Every single time, they ensure that the show runs smoothly without accidents
Putting in so much effort to work and protect us
Without these people, we would not exist
Everyone, led by Boss Nomi-san (director), will never go wrong

And as always, lastly, I want to borrow this place to say something which I can never say
All the family and friends who support me
All the dancers, band members, STAFF, fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then, ayu-san


That was embarrassingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg! (lol)

And that’s the reason behind the title of this post
So sorry about this!
You may think I’m a little weird, but please forgive me~! (lol)

Thank you so much for reading this long essay to the end
Again, I wish to continue growing everyday, so that I can show everyone my best smile, without holding back
And with that, this Osaka HOTEL Love songs BLOG LOVE LETTER has come to an end!

Are u happy?  Im happy