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HOTEL Love songs Hiroshima Branch ☆ Opening Day!!!
8 July 2012. 11:57

When she arrived at Hiroshima Airport yesterday, general manager was greeted by everyone’s passionate welcome. That energy gave her voice strength during the live, and the sounds of everyone’s cheers for all the performers resonated non-stop throughout the venue. It was the best night.

Here, we present to you some photos of the sparkling wonderful smiles of everyone we met on HOTEL Love songs Hiroshima branch’s ☆opening day☆, also the day of the “Tanabata” festival!

After the filming, this bunch of wonderful tanzakus, filled with lots of feelings towards general manager and wishes from everyone in the troupe, was entrusted to general manager ☆

And so, Hiroshima branch ☆ Day 2!!!

We sincerely hope to meet with everyone’s smiles again today.