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「Walkman」 Z Series
14 December 2011. 11:59:59

「Walkman」 Z Series is on sale now 
I’m sure lots of people already know about this, but still 

If you buy the Z Series now, you can download my Official Application for free 
This is an app that’s limited to the Z Series only  

In this interesting app, you’ll get…

「Tatoe donna ni…」 lyrics and images in an enjoyable interactive display  

I really recommend this, as it allows you to look through all your memories, coupled with music  

Furthermore  the video clip for the special orchestra version of 「Tatoe donna ni…」 will be revealed for the first time in this app 
This is my first time recording an orchestra version, and I was a little nervous as this is different from my usual style, but it came out full of impact  and individuality, and it’s my favourite video clip from recent days  

Hope everyone will get to see it 

Play You. Site
<Mobile> http://m.sony.jp/walkman/playyou.xht…p_hp_pl006_001

And tomorrow, 15 Dec, there’ll be an early Christmas present from me 
A Christmas card will be presented at Play You. Park, limited only for 1 day 
I’ll be glad if you can use it as wallpaper for your computer or mobile 
Please do check it out 

Play You. Park (mixi Page) http://p.mixi.jp/walkman_playyou
Play You. (Facebook Page) http://www.facebook.com/walkman.playyou