Posted on 2017-10-11 22:50:02

I thought today would be hot, but it’s surprisingly cold…
Be careful of the dry weather and flu~ ⊂□⊃ヽ(・д`・。)

Today, 11 Oct,
is the release date for
my first album “Kokoro no oto”!!!

Has everyone already listened to it? (*´╰╯`๓)♬*゜

Throw all your comments at me ♪

I visited some CD stores on Flying get day~ ♪

The staff at various stores
gave me so much help and support.
I was so happy
that I almost cried~ (´•̥﹏•̥`)

I also wanted to see the actual release day,
which is today, with my own eyes,
so I went undercover to some stores~ |Θ・`)♪

This may be the first and last time I get to do something like this,
so I took a photo Σ【◎】ω・´)

Did everyone like the surprise present? (≖ᴗ≖ )♡

You were surprised, weren’t you~?