Posted on 2015-03-30 20:48:32

Sorry sorry!! When I said I’ll write short entries, I meant from this entry onward ☆

Because the previous entry was anything but short~ (lol)

No no, from this time on, I’ll go straight into the pilgrimage photos

This will really be a short entry! (`・Θ・´)

And the photos aren’t very high-res… Sorry ><

I really apologize for that, I know how rare it is to get to take photos with everyone (*_ _*)

So so, let’s go =3=3=3

↑ Round 2 at Umeda, which I forgot to upload yesterday!

Next up~
Round 1 at Odaiba on 14 Feb ♪

Round 2 ♪

Round 1 at Makuhari on 14 Feb ♪

Round 2 ♪

Yesterday was my cute precious little sister Hinata’s birthday (*^Θ^*)
I want to sing together with her again soon ♡