Posted on 2015-03-23 22:47:12

Yesterday, we took part in the Onnagawa Town Recovery Festival! ^ ^

To be able to meet everyone from Onnagawa Town after such a long time and create an atmosphere of oneness during the concert made me really happy.

And then, our friends from the Onnagawa elementary and middle schools practiced “Seishunfuu” and sang it together with us.

I was so happy~.

They seemed really nervous during the rehearsal, but they sang so loudly during the actual performance!

And everyone at the venue sang along together as well! ♪

Because this song is really suitable for a sing-along, I’ve always wanted to sing it with lots of people, like with schoolmates~

I’m really grateful to have that wish come true.

Please continue to sing! 😊

And, our friends from Onnagawa who always receive us with a smile

Gave us so much energy again ^ ^

Thank you.

We made a promise, BFF.

Best friend forever ♡

The town with our friends. The town which changes slowly every time we visit!

Seeing the imposing train station made me recall the hopeful faces of everyone at Onnagawa. We’ll ride on the train and visit again.

Let’s all stir the spirit of Onnagawa Town up from now on too!

Thank you!