Posted on 2015-03-17 00:18:58

The nationwide pilgrimage was concluded yesterday!!

…Or so it appears! ♪

Because an additional meet-and-greet session has been announced (*¨*)

The date is 11 April 🙆

So we’ll be heading once more
to the very last cinema that will be airing “Maku ga Agaru” for the very last time (^^) 🎥

Pyuu—————nn! ✈

…We haven’t decided on the venue yet, though. (laugh)

Bring it on again, Japan!!

Meet-and-greet together with Sao-san 💕
(Or three of us, plus Miyake-san!!)

It was so fun \( ˆoˆ )/

Because Kanako-chan is such a tsundere~ (laugh)

Because no matter how much Aarin begged, she won’t show that she’s happy~ (laugh)

But Kanako-chan is not as annoyed as her expression indicates ♥
It was just a strong front (。-∀-)

This is Akemi-chan wearing a cake 🍰 (laugh)

Even now, she can almost hear “Datte Aarin nanda mo-n ☆” playing (laugh)

And then and then!!
Yesterday was Momoka’s birthday (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Happy birthday! 💓

Sorry for being late.

Twenty years old~
Aarin wants to be twenty soon too~

Please have an enjoyable year (`・ω・´) ✨

Happy birthday, Momoka ( •ө• )

Sasaki Ayaka


Misa’s note:
1. Sao-san is short for Saori, the character Kanako plays in Maku ga Agaru.
2. A tsundere is someone who shows off a tough exterior, but is actually soft-hearted inside.