Posted on 2015-03-09 01:43:50

Aah— This is bad this is bad.

I forgot to blog
about my meet-and-greet sessions ( ̄▽ ̄) (laugh)


First, Fukuoka!
I did a meet-and-greet
with author Hirata Oriza-san!

It was one of the toughest sessions in this nationwide pilgrimage mission,
testing my mettle as host. I was so nervous… (laugh)

But I managed to enjoy myself
with Oriza-san and everyone ☆

On the 6th, all the members
went to Sendai and Fukushima together!

I was really happy
to deliver Maku ga Agaru
to everyone in Tohoku too! 😊

Then, yesterday!
Yamagata Prefecture and Tochigi Prefecture ^ ^

I ate Yamagata beef, Yonezawa beef, and dumplings 💓

Then enjoyed hosting the meet-and-greet on my own! (laugh)

Thanks to everyone
from all over the country
who always welcome us warmly! (●´艸`)

Tomorrow is Kyushu—!

Wait for me—!