Posted on 2015-01-20 22:08:59

Sante concert, Gekkan TAKAHASHI
Those were my first 2 concerts this year

I felt so much anxiety

But I somehow managed to complete them successfully ☆

The first song “My Dear Fellow” with Mononofu JAPAN
was just too emotional, I couldn’t take it (*T T*)

To all the Mononofu who welcomed us
with your usual smiles and cheers—

Thank you so much (*^Θ^*)

I’ll be glad
if I had managed to show everyone at the venue, watching the LV, and those who couldn’t make it,
that I am healthy again .:*:゜☆

It’s been a while since I last saw all the Mononofu’s faces

And before I knew it,
sweat aka Ariyasu-sui had started to drip from my eyes,
and the thought “concerts are really so much fun ☆”
just resonated strongly with me yet again.

Thank you, everyone ♪

The tension and anxiety will continue
through this week’s Folk Village on Thursday and MSta on Friday, but…

Everyone, please watch over us—!

So that we will be alright (^^)

I’ll remember everyone’s kind smiles and words
and work hard de-ariyasu (*`・Θ・´*)

Oh! I do this every year,
so sorry for the delay this time ><

To everyone who took your centre entrance exams,
I hope you’ll achieve good grades… ☆

I pray that everyone taking the exams this year
will be able to show off the hard work
they’ve put in the past year (*’-’).:*:゜☆

Alright!! I’ll work hard today too———

The days are still cold,
but everyone, let’s keep on fighting~ (*>∀<*)

The PV for “Momoclo vs KISS”‘s “Yume no ukiyo ni saite mina” has been released~ ♪
Everyone! Please watch it! (*・Θ-*)

I’m a little behind in uploading photos lately,
so I’ll try to catch up slowly—

Please wait for them— ♪

↓ These were taken when we went to Las Vegas—