Posted on 2014-12-05 00:16:23

FNS Song Festival was yesterday!
Did everyone watch it~?

All the collaborations
were wonderful,
and we enjoyed ourselves too!

We performed
My dear fellow,
and “Kenka joutou” with Kishidan-san,
and “Honou no escargot”
with tunnels-san!

Every performance was so fun ( ˆoˆ )/
Even though I was really nervous…

For My dear fellow,
I managed to deliver the ball to Maa-kun successfully!

That’s the result of countless practices
between Kanako and I before the show! (laugh)

When he got the ball, we did a victory pose!
That was great!!! 😭

For “Kenka joutou”,
we dressed up feverish DANJI-san style.
It was Reni-chan’s bloodbath!
Great success! (>_<)

We did the Coconuts circle
with tunnels-san!
I was so happy that they were so sporting!

Ahh—, but it’s over!
It was so much fun!
Did everyone feel the same too?

With FNS Song Festival over,
I’ll work hard
as we head towards year’s end~!

Thanks to everyone who praised my batting (laugh)