Posted on 2014-12-05 00:45:43

Thank you to everyone who watched FNS Song Festival yesterday (*^^*) 🎶

We performed “My Dear Fellow” with Takamizawa-san, “Kenka joutou” with Kishidan-san, and “Honou no escargot” with tunnels-san \(^^)/

I was so nervous during “My Dear Fellow”, because Maa-kun was right in front of us (^^)
Tama-san, nice batting!!
I wonder if our practice before the show helped? (laugh)

And then, I was really so happy when I learned that we would be singing my favourite “Kenka joutou” together with Kishidan-san—! 😆

“So conceited~ I’m a good girl~ ♪”

I practiced this line lots with Yumi-sensei. (laugh)

Did everyone like the bloodbath? (。-∀-)
Before the show, Takagi-san promised that she would protect me,
but she was totally beaten up during the show. (laugh)

And then, “Honou no escargot”!
We did the Coconuts circle with Taka-san and Nori-san!!!!
I never expected to ever get the chance to do the Coconuts circle at FNS!
The quick costume change was so scary too, but we had lots of fun with it, even during rehearsals!!

Watching other artistes perform right before our eyes is also one of the highlights of winter FNS!

It was really extravagant this year too, and we really enjoyed ourselves at our seat (*^^*)♥

It felt like the last spurt of this year had already begun!

It’s getting colder too, so everyone, please wrap yourselves up and sleep warmly! 😪