Posted on 2014-11-30 12:17:50

2 days ago, we attended the 60th Anniversary commemorative radio live for All Night Nippon Broadcasting’s opening ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
It was a live with lots of great artistes like Oohara Sakurako-san, back number-san, Yuzu-san, and Yuming-san!
Wow—, I’m just so grateful!
We went around the venue and came really close to the Mononofu and other fans, and I was so glad to receive such warm welcomes from everyone!
Yuming-san even talked about Momoclo during her segment. It was such a heartwarming concert (^^)
In the end, everyone sang “Wasurareru music” together, it was just so grand!!

A radio programme with lots of history, beloved by many.
It’s because the creators put much love into it, and it made me understand Nippon Broadcasting better, as well as why it’s so loved!
It also made me want to do better programmes, so that we can become regulars at Nippon Broadcasting!
I hope to speak about many more things on radio in the future!

Everyone, thank you for today!
Thank you to Gobou-san and Kaki-san too!