Posted on 2014-12-01 14:32:08

Everyone——— ♪
Thanks for all the congratulatory comments regarding Kouhaku— (*>∀<*)

Seeing everyone being so happy, as if something great had happened to them personally,
just makes me the happiest de-ariyasu!!!!!

And then and then

The end of last week was a chain of fun events too ☆

There was the monthly Folk Village on NEXT on Thursday

The guest this time was miwa-san
Wow, even though we knew each other quite well
it was the first time we worked so closely on a collab ☆

We’d done one-on-one collabs before,
but this felt different from the usual miwaclo,
and I was so nervous, my heart was racing de-ariyasu (* *)

I got to do a collab on “Furui nikki” and “true colors” ♪

Wow wow… My only thought was

miwa-san is really awesome!!!!!

Her volume, intonation, everything was so amazing (* *)

I was really impressed ☆

Once again,
I was determined to work even harder than ever (*・Θ・*)

That’s always my takeaway from Folk Village

Every time I encounter a tough hurdle
I’ll always think
“Ehh?!! I didn’t know that could be done!!”…

I’m just full of gratitude… ☆

I believe that this will surely help me to grow… .:*:゜☆

To everyone who watch over me kindly every time,
and everyone who write in their reviews,
oh, and everyone who make requests, thank you (*^Θ^*)

And the usual
Yuming-san’s song corner
where we get to sing to Takebe-san’s wonderful piano accompaniment

Even though it’s a tough hurdle
I really enjoy myself ♪

So happy de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

And~ The next day, Friday,
we mixed with lots of grand artistes at Yokohama Arena

for the Nippon Broadcasting Opening 60th Anniversary Commemorative
Wasurarenu Music concert ☆

I’m just so happy to be able to perform together with all my favourite artistes
whom I always listen to! (*>∀<*)

And then, once again,
I experienced the history and love of All Night Nippon and Nippon Broadcasting (*^^*)

Closing the distance between listeners and us
Radio is just so amazing~… (*’-’).:*:゜☆

Lastly, everyone sang “Wasurarenu Music”,
a really wonderful song
written by Yuming-san and Teraoka Yohito-san
It was my proudest moment de-ariyasu (*’-’*)

And then, lots of Mononofu
came down to attend the event too ☆

The 5 colours of penlights sparkle everywhere we go,
we are really so blessed~ (*’-’).:*:゜☆

Thank you (*^^*)

And ♪ In December,
there’s FNS, MSta Super Live, Kouhaku…
So everyone from all over Japan who can’t really come to attend our concerts
can have a chance to watch our performance too (*’-’*)

That’s just so amazing ☆
I’m so grateful (*^^*)

This chance ☆ I’ll take good care of my health
so that I can show off everything I’ve got with no regrets (`・Θ・´)

Everyone, take care
not to catch a cold too (*・Θ-*)

Today’s BGM is
a great song I got into
because Sakazaki-san performed it
THE ALFEE-san’s “Musician” ♪