Posted on 2014-10-11 07:43:52

I don’t think I’ll have time to write a long entry…

Firstly, the QJ release commemorative event
has been postponed from 13 Oct to 1 Nov
due to the typhoon (;Θ;)

But the timing and venue hasn’t changed.

To those who were making plans to attend,
I’m really so sorry! (T T)

To those who’ve gotten QJ,
please read it slowly at home~

I’m sure you’ll catch a glimpse of me
which you don’t normally see (*・Θ-*)

(Oh! To those living in areas where the typhoon will pass through
please take lots of care!!
They say this will be a big one (+ +;))

So~ Yesterday!!
Well! ♪
As Aarinyasu

we went to attend a release campaign for Kokuritsu’s Blu-ray & DVD
in Hokkaido (*^Θ^*)

We made a live appearance on “Ichioshi!”
And took photos with all the assembled Dominofu.
It was super fun de-ariyasu (*>∀<*)<br />
To the Dominofu who came down to see us ♪
And to everyone who watched it on TV later, thanks (*^Θ^*)

We’ll be travelling to the south next weekend for Chibikko festival.
I hope to pop by lots of different places
all around Japan like this more (*’-’).:*:゜☆

And this, today’s finally Dream Fest ♪
Dream Festival on TV Asahi!!

Yuzu-san, Sukima Switch-san, Kimura Kaela-san, BEGIN-san, SEKAI NO 0WARI-san

I’m just so in the mood
to watch all their shows and enjoy myself… (*Θ*)

Wow wow…
I need to get into this best of spirits
during our own performance too— (*>∀<*)<br />
To all who are coming,
the Mononofu and everyone else
Please enjoy yourself to the max— ♪

I just wrote and wrote
And it’s become such a long entry ^^; (lol)