Posted on 2014-10-03 00:16:56

QJ special issue, chibikko festival
Kokuritsu BD, Dori fest
AE fanclub wallpapers
Tests of courage on Chan…

Everyone has lots of watch and lots to look forward to,
and that gives me the most happiness de-ariya———su (*>∀<*)

October is really supported month! (* *)
If only I can be supported all the time~
Just a thought (laugh)

With so much excitement,
Today’s BGM is the pillows-san’s About A Rock’n’Roll Band
Mood up ♪

But my favourite song from the pillows-san
is definitely Strange chameleon (*^Θ^*)

Ah! Talking about Rock’n’Roll, Hotei-san’s
“Kameda’s Music Specialist School” has started showing on E-TV again today.

And there’s lots of other dramas to look forward to in October
Happy ♪

The photos today feature an “opposite Momoka angle”
Look forward to QJ too— (^m^)
Ahh— I want to meet everyone soon! ♪