Posted on 2014-08-02 19:18:32

It’s been a week since Toujinsai!

Wow, my excitement hasn’t died down yet. (laugh)
It was really, really,
the best summer festival!

Lots of different festival events
from all over the country
gathered here with us,
with lots of guests,
lots of band members,
lots of staff,
and lots of Mononofu
to create the biggest summer festival this year.
I’m just so happy ( ^ω^ )

There was a sudden thunderstorm at the venue
on Day 2,
and the concert had to be delayed for 1 hour.
Thank you
for waiting out in the rain for us.

But once the LIVE began,
a miracle happened…
There was a rainbow!

That’s just Baka Sawagi!
It was a lovely present on that special summer day!

I hope those 2 days were the best
evidence that we’d managed to hold the biggest summer fest
this summer—!!

It was so much fun,
being having a “baka sawagi” festival with everyone!!

Let’s work hard at tightening the screws in our heads!

Thank you ^ ^♡






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