Posted on 2014-06-13 15:38:52

Does anyone remember this white dress from some photos I posted awhile back?!

The 2nd button
popped off this morning
when I was putting it on (+ +;)

Well, usually
I would yell for Mama to
“sew it back-!!” for me

But I’m alone at home today ☆
So I took out my sewing kit ☆

And sewed it back on in a mere 3 minutes de-ariyasu (^m^)

Heheh! ♪ Aren’t I awesome?!

Girl power up de-ariyaaaaasu (^O^)

Oh! The forecast predicted that it’ll be sunny in Tokyo for a few days, starting today ☆
The moon was so beautiful last night too (*’Θ ’*)
So I hurried to slather on some sunscreen to prevent sunburns =3-=3

But just as I finished that,
it started to rain heavily with lightning (+Θ+;)

Ehhh—?! What’s going on???????

I was on the verge of tears
when it suddenly turned sunny again…

The weather is playing tricks on me de-ariyasu (@ @)

I can’t win against Nature…

And so, this weekend is Father’s Day
Maybe I’ll pick up the challenge of making a homecooked meal? ^^;

Oi oi, whatever you were going to say, stop it!!

Haha! I’m psychic, you know?! (laugh)

※ Today’s BGM is BRADIO’s Golden Liar
Let’s up the mood- ↑↑↑