Posted on 2014-03-20 21:11:26

Here are some off-shots from the filming of the opening movie at Kokuritsu-!



We got to leave our signatures on the roof of the “from Chubu” building ヾ(*・ω・*)ノ

Aarin was the first to sign, and she did a big one,
which created a whole storm of “Ehhh- Why did you sign there-?”! (laugh)

Well, maybe that “Danger, no climbing” sign
is a little too off-putting (laugh)

But Aarin felt that it was the best place for us- (laugh)

Well, in the end
everyone said that they were glad we chose this spot
so it’s all alright! (°▽°)




Will our next event
be the AE event-?

3days at Seibu Dome!

It was announced recently, without any of us noticing! (laugh)

That’s really awesome too! (`・ω・´)

3days? (laugh)

So happy—- ( *´ω`* )/

How will it turn out-?

Everyone going for AE,
look forward to seeing us- \(^o^)/

image Sasaki Ayaka image