Posted on 2014-03-16 00:23:32

Last year more than 2 years ago, this year more than last year

I’m just so surprised
that everyone’s congratulatory voices just keep getting louder every year! (* *)

I’m just so happy, it was really the most joyous thing ever de-ariyasu (*T T*)

Everyone’s treasured voices
carrying happiness
And more voices from this blog too

All of it…

Are voices
that have reached my heart
And I wish to make them
the source of power for my 19th year (*・Θ・*)

And then, more than that
The raw voices at the venue

And the sea of green penlights

I never even dreamed that I’ll ever see such a scenery
at the Kokuritsu

Even now, I still feel like I’m in a dream .:*:゜☆

The thought of the kindness of the Mononofu to go out of their way to collect all 5 colours
just makes me want to cry… (*T T*)

Aaaah~ I was just so happy (*’-’).:*:゜☆

To have so many band and chorus members
and all the Mononofu throughout Japan
singing “Happy birthday” together for me

And we all got so excited with the Wirz after that too

Ah! Sorry, everyone…

Today, Ariyasu
experienced the feeling of being the happiest person in the world (* ̄ー ̄*)

I will slowly return this favour
Bit by bit
In whichever form I can
It’s a promise! (*’-’ *)

Can I do it?!

Yes!! I’ll work hard! (*・Θ・*)

I mean, I received so much power from everyone today
that Ariyasu Momoka will never burn out for the rest of eternity- (laugh)

19 years old ☆

I’ve finally gained enough confidence

Thanks to everyone

And I’ve taken another step out ☆

Everyone, will you continue to walk on together with me??

Being 19 years old,
I don’t think that I will change
In fact, I’ll probably stay the same…

Just doing my best to achieve what’s in front of me

Sometimes losing track of the things happening around me

Sometimes even spending effort on fruitless things

But with everyone’s support

Shining with a faint light in the midst of it all
It’ll be great if I can bring just a little light to someone-


To be able to do what I love, and the happiness of doing it
And the gratitude. Without forgetting these

I hope I can continue to expand my reach further and further

It’s just a vague thought, but it’s my dream (*’-’).:*:゜☆

Aah–!! With Kokuritsu and my birthday together
I just have too much to write about
and I just can’t stop myself… ^^;

Kokuritsu will play for another day tomorrow
So I can’t write too much about it
So I’ll restrain myself today! ^^;

Anyway, today
was really the best live ☆ ever

To everyone who came to the venue from far far away with much effort
and everyone sending us lots of powers through LV

And everyone everywhere
who loves Momoclo and have sent us your heart’s voice

Everyone, everyone, thank you so much (*^^*)❤

I saw lots of handmade costumes and accessories on everyone
and it made me the happiest person (*^Θ^*)

And thanks to everyone for the flowers, presents and letters ♪

And then, 18:30
was the moment when I turned 19.
The fact that I spent that moment at that place
will be the pride of my life!!

A slightly older 19 year old Momoka
will go wild on stage
So everyone~ Please look forward to that ♪

My report for later may come a few days late
So please be patient- (*・Θ-*)