Happy valentines day♥
15 February 2014. 04:54
by ayu.

Did everyone have a wonderful Valentine’s day? ^ ^

It’s still Valentine’s day at LA now ♪ My date seems to have planned lots of surprises for me, so I’m looking forward to it all-! (≧∇≦) Teehee.

Yesterday, I had Valentine’s dinner with some friends ♡ Even though it was the night before Valentine’s, the restaurant was still packed with people (*_*)
But that lively atmosphere was fun too ♡

For today, here’s a peek at a photo taken before yesterday’s dinner.
I wore a pink mini-dress with pink heels ♡ By the way, my lipstick was pink too~ So I left my eye make-up simple, with no eyeliner and thick fake lashes ♡
It’s my Valentine LOVE coordination ♡