Posted on 2014-01-15 02:16:41

This update’s a little late, but Takagi Reni has successfully become a new adult yesterday!
I first started working at 14, and I’m already 20 now!
And then, Ust and blog comments. I’ll never forget seeing the words “congrats” in so many forms. It was the happiest coming-of-age day ever!

I’m so glad to receive so many blessings from everyone. My family and Mononofu have always stayed by my side, supporting me and helping me grow.
All of you are my precious family.
Thank you all so so much.

I may cause lots more trouble for everyone in the future, but please don’t be turned away, and continue to support me!

And then, congrats to everyone who have become new adults too!
I’ll work hard from now on as an adult!