Ah- 6 more hours…

And Kouhaku Utagassen will begin.

And then, the curtains will close on 2013 too-.

That’s just so fast-!

Even so, it was a fruitful year, wasn’t it?

But until Kouhaku Utagassen ends
2013 will not end

Aarin doesn’t think she’ll be able to update the blog later after Kouhaku Utagassen, so she’s blogging now… (laugh)

Thinking back,
2013 started with the Ustream we did after our first Kouhaku Utagassen.

It’s been a year since then (*´ω`*)

That day, our dream of performing at Kouhaku Utagassen came true,
and we officially voiced our wish to perform at the National Stadium.

Everyone granted our wish
And we’ve managed to return to perform at Kouhaku Utagassen again.
It’s just so happy! (`・ω・´)

That’s why, we will throw all our feelings
into our second Kouhaku Utagassen! (laugh)

A compilation of 2013.

Fun things, happy things,
sad things, painful things…

It’s the end of a 2013 packed with so many things!

Let’s give the best performance-!

Everyone, please watch over us in front of your TV Image


Everyone’s feelings will surely reach NHK Hall,
and we’ll be riding on that ヾ(*・ω・*)ノ

Image Sasaki Ayaka Image