We performed at
M-Sta Super Live 2013!

Thank you to everyone who watched it- ヾ(*・ω・*)ノ

We performed
“GOUNN” and “Roudou sanka”! (*´艸`*)

It was so much fun- Image

And we were there
among all the really distinguished artistes…

It was just like a dream Image

Aarin is so lucky- Image

Maybe she’ll go watch the recording now (*´ω`*)

Ah, that’s right! ( ̄▽ ̄)

Everyone needs to check out the part
where Aarin pulls the tape off the camera
as she sang “kokoro de abareru”! (laugh)

It’s such a shame though,
Aarin couldn’t stay until the very end of M-Sta Super Live (´・ω・`)

She’ll need to work hard so that we can get invited again next year!



Image Sasaki Ayaka Image