Dango ♪ Dango ♪

Mama bought these
Zunda dango today (*・Θ-*)

And so,
as Taka-san has named me
I’ll be known as “dango” from now on ☆

My special trait is doing somersaults (`・Θ・´)

That’s it (laugh)

Nah, I was joking (^m^)

I’m not Dango-
I’m Momo- (lol)

With that,
to everyone who doesn’t like to eat it,
though I actually don’t know of any~
Thank you- 

Ah! Sazae Tsuboyaki
was so delicious-
I wanted everyone to have a taste too! (^Θ^)

The filming was so funny I almost died laughing
Ahh, such fun memories~ (*’-’).:*:゜☆

Oh yes-
From 19:00 on today, on Nippon TV
I’ll be appearing on the programme
“Robot Nippon Ikketsu Teisan! Real Robot Battle”-  (lol)

Everyone~ Please watch it if you can-  
(If this is updated later than the showtime, I’m sorry ><;)

Ah! Momoclo-chan has been
having fun with preparations for Momokuri and rehearsals- 

I went for the filming
for the opening movie today too
(It was so cold {{{{(+_+)}}}})
Everything is going smoothly de-ariya-su 
There’s lots of off-shots too,
and I’ll upload them next time- 

I guess everyone is in a panic now
due to the year coming to a close, but

Listen to good music, do things you enjoy to recharge
And spend the rest of 2013
Meaningfully ♪
Happily ♪
Healthily ♪

And~ if we can all welcome 2014
together with energy, it’ll be the best (*’-’).:*:゜☆

It’ll be getting colder from now on
So please take care not to catch a cold  

I’ll be sending you ☆ Dango power~~~ (lol)


1. Dango is a Japanese dumpling made from rice flour
2. Zunda: Mashed green soybeans
3. Momoka was making a food-related pun when she said “I’m not Dango- I’m Momo-” as momo means “peach” in Japanese.
4. Sazae Tsuboyaki is conch shell meat, grilled with the meat still inside the shell.