2013 FNS Song Festival!
Has concluded this year too (._.)

We were first invited last year,
and also during summer this year,
so this is our 2nd winter FNS!

FNS Song Festival’s winter edition really
gives one the feeling of the year coming to an end…

But I really like that atmosphere ∩^ω^∩

This year,
we did collabs on

“Kogarashi ni dakarete”
with THE ALFEE-san,
“Ringo satsujin jiken”
With Gou Hiromi-san,
and “Yume no naka he”
with Saitou Yuki-san!

Wow, my heart was racing
because I was so nervous, but I had lots of fun in the end!

Everyone was so kind,
such wonderful people (*^^*)

I got to see my two cherished Sakurai-sans too…
It’ll be great if we can do collabs with them someday… ☆

Lots of grand artistes performed,
and it was a wonderful music festival ( ^ω^ )

Kuma-mon was there too,
so we took a photo with him! And miwa-chan too… ∩^ω^∩

And then, I got to meet
Oohara Sakurako-chan, whom I’ve always wanted to meet
I was so happy *(^o^)/* We’re the same age too!

Thank you to all the other artistes too!

And to everyone who watched the show
Thank you ( ^ω^ )

I think many people already feel that the year is coming to a close, but there’s still lots to come in December!!

Let’s have fun till the end of the year-!

Shiorin Image


1. The 2 Sakurais are probably THE ALFEE’s Sakurai Masaru (who Reni-chan cosplayed and kissed) and Arashi’s Sakurai Sho
2. Kuma-mon is Kumamoto Prefecture’s mascot character
3. Oohara Sakurako – singer, actress