“Bokura no ongaku” is over-!
I watched it at home ^ ^

When I was watching it,
I was suddenly amazed that
we were actually having a conversation with Japan’s No.1 Maa-kun.

A lifelong treasure (*^^*)

We got to sing 3 songs too,
it was a richly-packed 30 minutes-!

Did everyone watch it too-??

Ah! Can I say it?
Is it ok for me to say it??

Erm, well,
we got something from Maa-kun!
Gloves in Momoclo’s colours (●´艸`)!!!

With our names on it!!

It’s the one which I couldn’t keep quiet about,
repeating “I want it” during Maa-kun’s season-opening ceremony. (laugh)

He’s such a kind person.
Thank you so much (;_;)

It’s my treasure, which I wore during the talk
together with the uniform.

Maybe I’ll watch “Bokura no ongaku” once more-.

Shiorin Image


1. Maa-kun is the nickname for baseball player Tanaka Masahiro, a professional baseball starting pitcher for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of Nippon Professional Baseball, and a fan of Momoclo.