AYU’s Message

The hot days continue. They’re really here. CREA continues to sleep in rooms where the air conditioner is on. We’re on tour this month, so let’s start with Chapter 1’s Osaka night. We got so crazy and partied everyday with the friends from Osaka and those who came down from Tokyo to watch us. And it was Tou-chan’s B.D.1 too, so we just had a huge celebration during the show. Lots and lots more happened, but I’m not including them in these polaroids because of insanity!! Apart from the show, my manager Non-chan’s family came, so I took a photo. The theme is Tottori’s 20th century pear special!! And so, I’ll be updating next month from Tokyo Dome…… There’s only 2 more days left to the tour (It’ll end by the release date…), so I’ll try to enjoy myself. Holding all my responsibilities and confidence in my heart… Ah! Freedom in the right hand, love in the left.
Goodbye~ Himekko2
p.s. Obsessed with turquoise#


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Photo Comments

Photo number Captions


Black: With my Osakan friend, big sis Yukari… Ayu is eating ayu3~
Yukari: Cannibalism~


Black: Tou-chan had his B.D. during the tour. 29th!!


Bottom black: Tou-chan’s, our Team Stomach Ulcer’s great black pillar, birthday cake
Top black: It was quite delicious. So happy it didn’t have his face on it.
Yellow: Tou-chan cried manly tears


Bottom black: Featured at Osaka Dome -> Kamitoku’s clan
Top black: My hunky manager. Ayu’s manager Non-chan
Red: Outside the show


Bottom black: Whale cheek?! That was what we were eating! Such a rare treat.
Top black: By the way, this person is Nagao Dai-kun, who did Ayu’s teeth.
Left black: Bancho is here too
On shirt: This is Osaka’s Yocchan.



1: Birthday
2: “Princess girl”
3: Sweetfish