kayzu_teamayu: [Timings] Location shows finale ☆ Osaka Jou Hall show on 21 July. Doors open at 15:00, show start at 16:00. A BEST LIVE goods booths will open at 12:00! Same-day tickets will go on sale at the venue ticketing counter from 15:00 onwards! (^o^)/
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inouekozodesu: I was lucky to catch the best songs, best performance and best show ♫ The comrades who came with me are really grateful too. Thank you \(^o^)/
ayu_19980408: I should be the one thanking you! (*^^*)

ayu_19980408: Received a present from Nina-chan ♡ Awesome ♡ Cute ♡

ayu_19980408: I’m LOL-ing now, because the basket bag I received from Nina-chan is just filled with Kittyko-san, even on the inside. (laugh)

yukaringo_ayu: Is the Kittyko facing the camera a earphone jack??
ayu_19980408: Yes, it’s from esNAIL’s Ai-chan ♡

TAL_yukachi0107: Buried with Kittyko-san. That’s so nice. Does ayu-chan have these beach sandals too?
ayu_19980408: Of course I have it ( ̄▽ ̄)

ayu_ki1998: What’s the item right in front-?
ayu_19980408: A Kitty sweatshirt from Ninamew ♡

maxmatsuuratwit: From Singapore.
ayu_19980408: Take it slow, and find the time to relax~ ♪( ´θ`)ノ

nina_uchida: Blog is updated. “Kyaa–♡” http://t.co/oDvbseqnkA
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jun55126: A new day has dawned, and I have a surprise. It will be announced today, so wait a little more for details.
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jun55126: Really sorry for causing panic ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ Everyone, wait for Yoyogi! Please call out to me if you see me there. Let’s go~. Yoyogi~. Details will be announced tomorrow. Go ask the CEO-san. (laugh)
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CURVY_GROUND: Lunchboxes will go on sale today! Even if you have no appetite in this heat, the vegetable-based meal is easy to stomach and full of nutrients~! There’s only 30 sets, so hurry and get yours now (^_^) #cg_k #cg_info
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nina_uchida: ayu-san’s influence is amazing! My items have all disappeared off the shelves in just a moment! I’ve realized that there are lots of people looking for the basket BAG ♡ I think you can find it in this select shop in Kyushu! I recommend it because they seem to accept mail orders ♡ GLAMOUR by GATHER0952368277
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nina_uchida: Regarding GLAMOUR by GATHER0952368277 which I recommended earlier, they seem to have a few more pieces of the Kitty sweatshirt and pouch left!!!
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kayzu_teamayu: ISM Salon Quality Haircare ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary Edition Chapter 2 “Sugar Coconuts” going on sale! http://t.co/hXHi2xipP6
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jun55126: Sugar Coconuts will go on sale first at Yoyogi First Gymnasium on 27~28 July. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Everyone, head down to the goods booths! Yes, GO!
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kayzu_teamayu: Aside from the TOUR venue, ISM Salon Quality Haircare “Sugar Coconuts” will go on sale at mu-mo shop from 29 July (Mon) 19:00~ onwards! http://t.co/eRa7ne2Zz0 Get a visual clear file as a special gift!!!
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miccie0730: TA is updated → “Secret photos.”
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ayu_19980408: TA is updated → “FNS ☆”

hanabistaff: The blog is updated. “Urgent notice!! (Timmy&miccie)” http://t.co/g1qEoc3O2j New information from Timmy&miccie! Check it out now!!
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kayzu_teamayu: [Official HP] “ayumi hamasaki×Hello Kitty collaboration luggage case” going on sale ♪ http://t.co/2JWliCInn9
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ayu_19980408: Can’t sleep…

ayu_19980408: I have to do it. I will do it. I said I would do it. So wait! 2 days at sacred ground Yoyogi!! The troupe’s power!!!

ayu_19980408: TA is updated → “My feelings now.”

namik0_73: @nina_uchida I’ve received the T-shirt ( ́•ૢ⌔•ૢ ̀) I’ll wear it when I attend ayu-san♡’s live ♡
nina_uchida: Go all out during the LIVE ♡
ayu_19980408: I wore it today. (laugh)

lovelymimitan: ISM Salon Quality Haircare “Sugar Coconuts” will go on sale at the goods booths from today on!
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ayu_19980408: Alright. Let’s begin with the beginning of the end.

kayzu_teamayu: Finale of “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~”! The sacred ground has yet to cool down from all the fans’ steam ☆ The show has successfully closed its curtains on the highest note at Yoyogi!!!
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nootak: Please follow Hamasaki Ayumi’s “Icon Kisekae” @icon_ayu. You can make wallpapers and icons out of the photos I took of ayu! @ayunews #ayuday
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kayzu_teamayu: [News Article: BARKS] [LIVE Report] Hamasaki Ayumi’s 15th Anniversary Tour ends. “Everyone, please smile until the day we meet again. Promise me!”http://t.co/yAQaY2bBke
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ayu_19980408: Michio-kun aka miccie, happy birthday. Please continue to remain as your innocent self. (laugh)

ayu_19980408: Focus on the rehearsal and main show for FNS today and tomorrow! My throat, please hurry up and recover…

SHUN_AyuNight: Overall No.1! Congrats-. #ayuDay
ayu_19980408: Sugar Coconuts was created after lots and lots of trial and error and passion, so this makes me really happy (T ^ T)☆