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Sanwa Arena (Aomori Ken Ei Skate Jou) ☆ Day 2!!!
30 May 2013. 00:12

Day 2 at Aomori ended on the highest note as well (^_-)-☆

All the Aomori ayu fans were so full of passionate feelings, and the amazing cheers lasted all the way from before show start till the very end, not stopping even during the encore break. It was a high night of overwhelming, echoing ayu calls (*^_^*)

And so, here we have some commemorative photos of the memories of everyone who took part in Day 2 at Aomori.

These homemade uchiwas with ayu’s likeness were really high quality (>▽<)b

Thanks to the passionate Aomori fans, Hamasaki Ayumi’s first!! 2days show at Aomori were the best, most wonderful lives. We’re so full of gratitude. Thank you all so much!!!